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Gutter T.V. “Da Hood Got Skillz”(Talent Showcase)

Monday, May 31st, 2010
Gutter T.V. “Da Hood Got Skillz”
Attention Rappers,Singers, Dj,s & Dancers….

At the beginning of your video clip shout out Gutter T.V. ,Your Name or Click & What you do.(20 sec or less) Rappers & Singers we only want an acappella 16. (A verse is 40 sec).
Do not rap or sing for longer then 40 sec(16 Bars)..No videos, you must be spittin or singin acappella… Dancers u got 40 sec 2 do u.Dj’s u got a 1 min 2 rock. All video clips due by July 1st 2010.. Anyone who goes for longer then a minute your video clip will not be submitted. Whoever wins “Gutter T.V.’s Hood Talent Search” will get a free customized T-shirt. So make sure you tell your fam & supports to vote and not just watch it…Send all video clips… Also please send your name/group & Contact info…. No Charge..


Also when you submit your 16 please submit an answer for our next episode “What Do You Think About The Current State of Hip-Hop?” Make sure u mention Gutter T.V. & Keep It Under a Minute..No Discussions Just give your opinion & if your n a group each person has a minute or less by themselves..Thanks Stay up wit ya girlz GutterGlam…


“Why Do Men Wear Skinny Jeans”

Monday, May 31st, 2010

“Why do Men Wear Skinny/Tight Jeans?” Ya girlz  went an asked ppl  & had ppl send n videos to let us know their opinions.Here is the trailor. The full episode will be up soon. We will also be doing an mp3 version for our blog. Why Do Men Wear Skinny/Tight Jeans?